celebrating the best beer community in texas
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ATX Beer Party is a celebration of the creative and diverse beer community in Austin. The flagship beer week event features brewers, creatives, designers, music, food, and more. A tribute to the conversations and camaraderie that follows when sharing a beer. The party continues throughout the year with curated events that highlight various aspects of the Austin beer scene.


ATX Beer Party Week launches November 5th-12th, 2023. Check out the parties, tunes, and awesome events below. The party will be raging year-round so stay tuned for more badass events that raise funds for worthy causes!

The PARTY Team

ATX Beer Week Team: Pam, John, and Jordan


The ATX Beer Party team is made up of three friends, Pam, John, and Jordan, who met through their mutual love of Austin's beer scene. Each have been involved in the community in various ways over the years. You may have seen some of their work through Craft Beer Austin, Austin Ale Trail, GrossYall, and many other beer related events and organizations throughout Austin and beyond.

Austin friends raising a glass

OUR mission

ATX Beer Party's mission is to bring together all the amazing and creative people in Austin who contribute to the local beer scene. To celebrate and share a glass over our love of beer, put on meaningful events for brewers and beer enthusiasts alike, and support local initiatives in the Austin community.
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