TUNES:  Lady Dan & Pelvis Wrestley

Meanwhile 3rd Anniversary banner

Sunday, November 5th: 7:30 PM

Meanwhile Brewing

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ATX Beer Party joins Resound Presents in helping celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Meanwhile Brewing with a FREE show featuring some of Austin’s most fun local acts. Lady Dan begins at 7:30 pm with melancholic cowboy indie-folk and Pelvis Wrestley takes the stage at 8:45 with their cinematic electro-pop gems! Meanwhile Brewing will release six new beers available at the Container Bar, next to the stage. 

ATX Beer Party will be dancing and raising money for SAFE. SAFE is a Central Texas nonprofit committed to providing safety, stability, and healing to anyone who has experienced violence and abuse. Learn more at 

On day two, ATX Beer Party returns with live music of a different variety.