Creative Mash: Ion art & 512 brewing

Creative Mash 2!

Thursday, June 6th: 5:30 PM

Ion Art Workshop

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Step into the heart of Austin's creative scene at Creative Mash, sponsored by Ion Art. This exclusive event is a celebration of design, innovation, and the vibrant spirit of our community. Held at the iconic Ion Art workshop, where Sharon and Greg Keshishian have been illuminating the city with their extraordinary neon signs and sculptures, this evening promises a blend of elegance and laid-back Austin charm. We’re serving up smoky BBQ, ice-cold craft beers, and a night full of art, music, and good vibes. All benefiting HootsForHAAM and local artists.

Featuring Ion’s Founders Sharon and Greg Keshishian, hear some funny, some moving stories from the wild world of sign design, including tales of testing rocket velocity with beer signs, and behind the scenes on maintaining beloved Austin bar signs like the Broken Spoke. Plus, our partners at 512 Brewing, Ion Art's creative neighbors, will be pouring their finest brews and sharing their craft beer journey. Immerse yourself in an evening where creativity meets community, and discover the passion that keeps Austin wonderfully unique.


Hoots For HAAM